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Frequently Asked Questions at Avenue Car Rentals & Limousines

The Avenue Rent A Car & Limousines FAQ’s section is an useful source for you to find out answers for any of those questions you may have about the services we provide, whether it’s a query about your booking or an explanation of our services – we have it covered. Please check the below to find out the answers.

What is the minimum age to drive a rental vehicle?

The minimum age for renting a vehicle in UAE is 21 years. Further restrictions are applied for renting sports or exotic vehicles wherein the minimum age is 25 years.

What are the documents required for renting a vehicle?

At Avenue, the requirement of documentation is simple and clear. We require colored copies of the Passport(with entry stamp) and international driving license(certain nationalities can drive with their country’s domestic license). You must carry your original documents at the time of collecting the vehicle to enable Avenue Team to make copies. Furthermore, we will take a block on your credit card as security which varies depending on vehicle(starts with AED 2,000), in addition to the total amount of rental for the period of booking- this amount can be paid in cash as well. And lastly, if you’ve booked the car online please carry the copy of email confirmation.

Is insurance included in my booking, and can I remove or reduce excess amounts?

The rental price you are paying includes comprehensive insurance, including third party liability as per UAE Federal Insurance Regulations. Also included in the insurance coverage, is the personal accident to the driver and passengers, in line with the wordings of the Unified Motor Policy Regulations. Exclusions are applicable which include driving under influence of alcohol or drugs as well others.

The excess charges are one of the lowest in UAE because Avenue has carefully negotiated the coverage with the Insurers to obtain the best terms. Furthermore, the excess charges are levied in cases where accident/damages are caused by the Hirer. On the other hand, there will be no liability of the insurance excess if damages are caused by third party and the Police Accident Report specifies the details of the party who caused damages.

What do I do if I have been involved in an accident and how do I contact Avenue Rent A Car & Limousines about claims?

First and foremost, do not panic- our 24 hours efficient and customer friendly staff will assist you all the way. Avenue Rent A Car Operations Centre is open 24 hours – please contact our 24 hours number +97143386555 and +971551238798. As per UAE Law, it is mandatory that a Police Accident Report is obtained, for which purpose you must call 999 from your cell phone. Do not move the vehicle until the Police Patrol arrives. Follow their guideline. Keep Avenue informed of the report issued by them. Once you complete their formalities, Avenue will then send a replacement vehicle to the place and further assist you.

What are the charges for ROAD TOLL (SALIK)?

In the Emirate of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, toll gates are installed on the main highways. Each time a vehicle crosses the toll gate, the charges are AED 5 and you’ll be billed for the same after completing your rental duration. The deduction can be made from your security deposit or you can pay separately.

What are the taxes -VAT and additional charges apart from the basic rental price?

As per the UAE Law, the rental and fuel/other costs must be charged with 5% VAT whereas the toll and traffic fines (not service charges) are exempt from VAT. Apart from VAT, there is no further tax. Fuel and toll are charged on actual consumption, traffic fines are charged along with a service fee, damages which are not covered by insurance would be charged separately. 

What is the procedure when someone returns the rental car?

Avenue provides free delivery and collection within Dubai including Airport delivery (parking charges on actual). If you are returning the car at hotel or airport, you must inform Avenue at least 2 hours prior and our representative will wait at the airport departure level or hotel. You need to park the car in the instructed location and the agent will check the fuel as well as the condition of the car.

Are there any extra charges on late returns?

Beyond the one hour grace time allowed, there will be half day charges upto 6 hours and full day charge beyond that.

Can I take the car out of Dubai?

A car rented in Dubai by Avenue can be driven all over UAE. Off road driving is not allowed. However, in case you have plans to drive to Oman, this will need to be pre-arranged in order to extend insurance coverage beyond UAE geographic territory and also documentation needed at the border crossing. Furthermore, it is subject to approval from the company.

Lost and found - What if I leave something in the car?

Your belongings will be safe with our Staff manning the “Lost and Found” section. You may contact us on our 24 hours Customer Service numbers as well as on email. We can arrange for delivery or collection.

Can I choose specific model that I would like to rent?

Avenue offer an extensive range of luxury and standard cars with different models. Barring force majeure, you will receive the car type or the similar one.

How much notice must I give, and how can I change, extend or cancel the rental contract?

The notice period for cancellation, is 24 hours to avoid charges. Should there be a change in the dates, Avenue will assist in providing the car booked subject to availability. To extend rental, you may write an email or call on our 24 hours Customer Service contact numbers.

How can I obtain a copy of my Invoice/Receipt and how soon is my security hold released?

Simply contact Avenue Rent a Car & Limousines on our 24 hours operation centre contact numbers or on email. Your security deposit gets released automatically in 2 to 4 weeks depending on your Bank. If the block is not released beyond one month, Avenue can assist upon receiving your request, by sending email to our Bank, to cancel the pre-authorization.

What payment methods are accepted or not accepted by Avenue Rent A Car & Limousines?

Avenue accept all major credit cards including visa, master and American Express cards.

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