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How to choose the right car rental company in Dubai?

Renting a car in Dubai is a common phenomenon and the list of premium cars keeps on upgrading every year. The country ensures that the customers don't get disappointed by offering a wide range of luxury as well as standard...

4 years ago

Update on UAE road toll gates payment!

Recently, UAE has updated its road toll gates payments and while renting a car here, you need to be aware of those. Here's a quick information on the gate payment, which has come into effect, since January 2020. Each passing...

4 years ago

Facts that you should know while renting a car in Dubai!

Dubai is the country of leisure where you can dip in the luxury. From huge shopping malls to exotic cars, you can explore immense luxury items. Whether you're looking for a car on rent or lease, we'll share some factors...

4 years ago