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Our journey began in 2002, and from the start we have stuck to a few principles. The most important thing is we deliver what we promise. But beyond what is expected of us, we want every transaction to be a fulfilling experience for our customers.

As one of UAE’s top car rental company, we cater to the needs of one and all. We offer both luxury and economy car hire services for self drive or chauffeur drive. Our car hire fleet offersworld-class vehicles from both luxury and economy brands.

Our team of dedicated service professionals is available 24X7 to offer you solutions based on your exact specifications. After all, we take pride in creating experiences that are absolutely royale.



Our mission is to become first choice for car hire for luxury cars and chauffeur driven limousine service, by providing superior services that cater to our customers’ individual needs with knowledge, care and a passion for excellence.




We honor our commitments to our customers.
We conduct business with honesty, high standards of ethics and professionalism.


We are dedicated to providing a personalized rental experience that ensures customer satisfaction and earns the unwavering loyalty of our customers.
We will strive to set bench mark standards for the industry to follow, and will ensure that our company philosophy underlies everything we do and shines through in our service to customers.


We work as one cohesive team from the smallest unit to the organization as a whole.
We will maintain a caring and supportive work environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills and resources, at the same time provides opportunities for individual growth. We value every staff member at all levels and build our company based on respect for the individual.


We are dedicated to constantly and consistently innovate our systems, procedures and practices. We will be quick and flexible to adapt to the changing business and economic environment.
We are determined to be the first to launch the best and the latest new car types, as well as technical innovations


Our customers belong to a wide social spectrum. We are a name trusted not only by the leading royal and business families of the GCC and other Arabian countries, but also by tourists and residents.

Top MNCs and 5-star hotels trust us to take care of their car rental needs.

The embassies and consulates of several African and European countries, apart from every GCC consulate, use our services.


We are only as good as the people who represent us. That’s why every individual in our team is chosen after making sure he/she has the experience and the dedication to go the distance. Our customer service staff has the experience and expertise to meet the demands of customers who settle for nothing but the best. They are seasoned professionals who anticipate the guests’ requirements and provide tailor-made solutions.

A single call to Avenue can handle all the requirements for an individual traveler or a corporate client, for leisure or a corporate event. Our chauffeur service is renowned for professionalism and the exceptionalservice standards. The chauffeurs are bilingual, well presented in a full suit company uniform, possessing a good knowledge of UAE roads and locations. On the other hand, the self-driveservice is very unique and personalized which gives the guest a distinctive feeling.


AVENUE is committed to provide maximum indemnity to cover today’s diverse risks to the guests. Whether it is self drive or chauffeur drive service, AVENUE has a fully comprehensive insurance policy that gives coverage not only to the cars, but also to drivers and passengers, including third party coverage as well.

In compliance to RTA regulations, AVENUE operates with two distinct TRADE LICENCES:

1. AVENUE Rent A Car for self drive car hire service.
2. AVENUE Star Limousines for Chauffeur Drive Service

AVENUE Limousines is a fully licensed and RTA Authorized Company to operate Chauffeur Drive Service in Dubai. AVENUE Limousines has over 70 chauffeurs


Rental Rates and charges: Minimum rental period is 24 hours. Cars are due to returned at the same time, with 2 hours grace time, beyond which an extra day will be charged.

Terms of Payment: Avenue prefers credit card payments for all car hires. A credit card block of Dhs 5,000 as security for insurance excess as well as any traffic fines, will be taken. In case of Sports & Exotic cars, Dhs 10,000 will be blocked.